Damage and Repair

Pest Control through Animal Exclusion.

Animal exclusion involves the process of creating a barrier on your home that eliminates the areas prone to nuisance animal attacks. Many homes in Atlanta suffer physical damage to the structure because of pest critters like squirrels, raccoons and opossums. Not only do the animals find and exploit storm damage, but they also may find improperly installed soffits or eaves. They will often chew through soffit vents, ridge vents and roof vents. Birds will often make use of unprotected dryer and bathroom exhaust vents, while mice and snakes repeatedly find easy entry at gaps, holes or cracks along your foundation or crawlspace wall. Many homes allow easy entry through vinyl, metal, stucco or wood siding that is worn, damaged or improperly installed. Proper exclusion techniques by someone with a working knowledge of construction and an understanding of how and where an animal prefers to enter a home is what you need to stop these animals in their tracks

Comprehensive Georgia pest control services by Urban Wildlife Control

Urban Wildlife Control offers the most thorough and comprehensive animal pest control and removal services in the Atlanta area. We provide you with all the information you need to successfully stay a step ahead of nuisance animals and the damage they can do. Our job includes thoroughly inspecting your property, removing and deterring pest animals and their waste. After the animal nuisance is dealt with, we move onto cleanup and repair. Very often, the necessary repair and cleanup is neglected due to a feeling that "it can wait." It is important to deal with this issue properly so that other animal pests do not move-in, in place of the animals you just got rid of. Any gap or entry point must be properly sealed to keep invading squirrels, raccoons and other animal pests out of your home.

Exclusion is key to sound Integrated Pest Control.

Proper exclusion and repairing of animal entry points is a key component in Integrated pest control. When selecting a Georgia pest control and/or Wildlife Control Specialist, verify that they are capable of doing the necessary repair work to your home for re-infestation prevention.This is usually a very detailed process and it is not recommended that your average "budget" pest control company attempt to tackle a project that requires the level of skill and knowledge needed.

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Flying squirrels were entering through this roof vent. A vent cover was installed to allow airflow but, stop animals.