Rehabbers in Georgia

Urban Wildlife Control is a nuisance animal removal company and we do not rehabilitate baby wild animals. In rare instances, we may be hired to pick up an animal and turn it over to a properly licensed animal rehabber.

At Urban Wildlife Control, we are the ones to call if you need to remove nuisance wildlife from your home. Each spring, however, we begin to get calls about "abandoned" baby animals that need help. In many cases, these animals are exactly where they should be, and have been left by their mother temporarily while she gathers food. Read on and learn when to intervene with baby wildlife and when to leave them alone.

Things to Consider:

  1. The best place for any baby animal is in the care of its mother.
  2. Georgia law prohibits taking and/or owning wild animals without proper permits.
  3. Many animals cannot survive without parental care. Baby rabbits are especially known for this.
  4. Handling wild animals can run the risk of passing diseases, both from them to you and from you to them.
  5. Handling wild animals runs the risk of being clawed or scratched. Proper care and protection should be used.
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In Georgia most wild animals give birth in the spring.

Most Georgia animals give birth in the spring. Here are some examples of local Atlanta animals and the reasons you may find a baby without parents:

Here are some examples:


Baby bunnies are often left in tall grass or other vegetation while their mother goes to look for food. They are able to care for themselves at three weeks old, and at six to eight weeks are completely independent.

Baby Deer (fawns)

Fawns are left alone by their mothers in a meeting place while they go to forage. Before they are strong enough to walk and follow, the babies usually curl up and wait for their mother to return. Relocating the fawn may not allow the mother to find it.


Baby birds come in two forms, nestlings and fledglings. While nestlings, if there is not enough food to go around, the weakest may be pushed from the nest. This is considered normal. Fledglings are often out of the nest, on the ground, while they are learning to fly and to forage on their own. Though they seem to be alone, their parents are caring for them here.


Baby squirrels who fall out of the nest will be returned by their mothers


Baby raccoons are brought to waiting areas near their mother while she searches for food.

Cat and Dog Interactions

Keep your pets away from lone baby animals. They can scare, move, or injure them.

Injured Wild Animals

If you come across an injured wild animal, they often need the help of a wildlife rehabilitation center. We cannot rehabilitate them, but we will transport them to a center at no charge.

Please do not call us about helping with these animals unless you need a transporter only. Please note: We do charge for transportation service.