Animal Removal, Wildlife Trapping & Relocation

Urban Wildlife Control is Atlanta's trusted and reliable nuisance animal control service. We provide comprehensive animal control programs including home inspection, animal exclusion, trapping removal and relocation. Call today to get started by scheduling a free inspection of your property.

Dead Animal Removal Service

Have you noticed an unusual odor and your home or business? It may be because small animals like squirrels or opossums have gotten into your attic or crawl space and died. Urban wildlife control will quickly locate, remove the animal and disinfect the affected area. We will also take pains to find exactly how the animal got into your home and prevent further intrusion.

Nuisance Bee Control

Bees and other flying insects can damage your property and pose a danger to your family. People with sting allergies are especially at risk and our professional animal control technicians are trained and capable for treating and removing all species of bees, wasps and yellow jackets in the Atlanta area.

Rat and Snake Repellent

Our company offers the only products thoroughly tested and approved by the Environmental Protection Agency to repel rodents and snakes. Temporary measures at best, repellents should be used as part of a comprehensive animal control and exclusion program.

Animal Exclusions & Damage Repair

Urban Wildlife Control provides Atlanta's most comprehensive nuisance animal damage repair services. We conduct thorough property inspections and provide written estimates detailing all necessary work. Our aim is to get the animal intruders out and keep them out. We use high-quality materials to block entry points and deny animals access into your home.

Waste Clean-up & Insulation Replacement

Our company provides thorough cleanup and insulation replacement after nuisance animals are removed and excluded. We will remove and replace contaminated insulation, decontaminate your attic and eliminate the danger to your family's health.

Animal Clearance Certificate

Urban Wildlife Control provides a written certificate of animal clearance after completion of every job.
Urban Wildlife Control provides animal removal, bee extermination and pest control services. We do not handle termites.