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Beaver identification

Beaver are found throughout North America and played a major role in making the continent habitable for humans and wildlife of all kinds. The largest rodents in North America, beaver are adapted to an aquatic habitat. Their eyes, ears and mouths are adapted to seal out water which allows them to remain submerged for long periods of time. The beaver has dense, dark fur and large chisel like teeth for bringing down trees to build their homes. They like eating aquatic plants and the tender inner bark of trees. This diet gives their teeth a permanent reddish coloring.

How beavers can become a nuisance

In general, the beaver is extremely beneficial to the wild areas they prefer to inhabit. However, the activities that make them so beneficial to the ecosystem can cause problems when beaver populations and human habitation come into conflict. The water backed up by beaver dams can cause flooding that damages farms, homes and other buildings. Clemson University statistics show annual beaver damage in United States to be as high as $5 million each year.

Beaver damage

Beaver damage is easy to spot. Dammed up creeks, blocked culverts and flooded out bridges and roads are a sure sign that beavers are working in the area. Beaver pose a serious threat to managed woodlands, ornamental trees and shrubs. These animals dig and damage banks and levees and in some instances, water from a beaver dam will flood into homes and other buildings.

Atlanta beaver removal and control

Beaver exclusion is difficult and expensive. Often, habitat modifications will protect property and hardware cloth protects trees from beaver damage. This also prevents the animals having enough wood to build their dams and lodges. Sometimes, harassing the animals by destroying their dams and frightening them will cause them to move on to a more comfortable location. Beaver trapping and relocation should only be performed by a professional wildlife control service like Urban Wildlife Control.