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Bird Control

Bird Control Service

Bird Control Service in Atlanta

There are three species of birds in the Atlanta area commonly thought of as pests. Our bird control service typically involves sparrows, pigeons and starlings cause problems by nesting in or on homes and buildings in the metropolitan area. Their excrement, mites, parasites and the diseases associated with them are unsightly and pose a health risk to humans and other animals.

Urban Wildlife Control implements programs deal with nuisance birds in the metropolitan Atlanta area. Our programs help prevent nuisance birds from defacing and damaging property. Populations of pigeons and other nuisance birds and their droppings damage building exteriors, automobiles and expensive outdoor equipment. We can deal with bird pest problems of every kind and protect your valuable property.

How and why birds can become a nuisance

Bird droppings are unsightly and nuisance birds nesting on your property put your home at risk to fire. Their droppings contain microorganisms causes illness in humans and pets. These birds carry fleas, ticks, mites and other parasites that also pose a health risk to your family. The debris and droppings left behind can also contaminate the air in your home.

Atlanta nuisance bird control service options

Trapping may be used for birds inside your property. This removes the animals but does not solve the problem. Exclusion is effective for keeping the birds controlled and away from your property. There are several products that prevent birds from landing on your home or building including angled perch blockers and bird netting. Nonlethal electrified spikes and track systems work to keep the birds off ledges and window areas.

Nest removal is an effective method to help with bird control on and around your property. It is necessary to prevent problems from contamination and parasites. Urban Wildlife Control also applies germicide to the area to protect your family from mites and parasites left in the nesting area. If nuisance birds are a problem on your property, call us today to keep your home and family safe with our bird control service.