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December 9, 2014
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December 9, 2014
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Carpenter Bees

Carpenter Bees removal service


You might think those large black bees hovering around your Atlanta home in spring was bumblebees but odds are you would be wrong. What you saw was probably carpenter bees looking for mates and a place to build their nests. Carpenter bees are common throughout Georgia and the eastern half of North America. Unlike bumblebees, carpenter bees are not social animals and while the males are aggressive, they have no stinger.

Carpenter bee damage

The Carpenter bee can damage your property because it likes to bore into wood. They do this to build a tunnel to make nests for egg laying. They prefer unpainted wood and are often found chewing into eaves, decks, wooden siding and trim work. Once the tunnel is made, the female bees return to it year after year. The males tend to patrol the area around the nesting site while the female tends the nest and lays eggs.

As with carpenter ants, the tunneling can damage the wood and increase the likelihood of wood rot and water damage. The insects also attract the attention of woodpeckers. They are the natural prey of woodpeckers and the birds do further damage to your property trying to dig out the bees and their eggs.

Carpenter bee removal

The best way to get rid of a carpenter bee nest is to place an insecticide inside the tunnel. The hole should be left open after treatment to allow the bees to come in contact the poison and spread it throughout the nesting site. After proper treatment, plug the hole with a wooden dowel and wood putty or carpenter’s glue. This protects against the site being reused in future and reduces the chances of water damage, wood decay and rot. Call urban wildlife control today if you have carpenter bees on your property and cannot deal with them yourself.

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