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January 4, 2016
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Dead Animal Removal Atlanta

Dead Animal Removal Atlanta

Dead Animal Removal in Atlanta

Are you noticing a nasty smell in your Atlanta area home or business? That nasty smell might be the result of an uninvited tenant dying in the attic or crawl space. Urban Wildlife Control is a leading expert for dead animal removal in the Atlanta metropolitan area. As of 2008, our technicians answered more than 900 calls where property owners noticed a noxious smell. Most the calls resulted in the removal of dead animals from inside the walls, attic or crawl space of the property.

Many of these people tried other wildlife control services first with little result. Where other animal control services failed, our animal control specialists successfully removed the dead animals and carefully treated the contaminated area to eliminate odor and potential risks to human health. If you suspect problems with animal invaders or need dead animal removal inside your home, call Urban Wildlife Control today. It is important to have your home thoroughly inspected and take steps to prevent the dead animal removal problem recurring in the future.

Common situations we deal with:

  • Dead rats inside a wall
  • Dead squirrels in the attic
  • Dead raccoons in attics and crawl spaces
  • Dead opossums under decks or porches
  • Dead mice

Dead animal damage and problems

The most obvious problem related to dead animal removal inside your home or on your property is the smell. Not just foul, the smell also will attract insects and other test animals desiring the carcass as a food source. The decaying animal is also a source for microorganisms and bacteria that can cause disease in humans and pets.

A Safe and Effective Process

The first step in the process is locating the dead animal. This may involve minor demolition of drywall or ceiling to retrieve the animal. Next, we apply a special odor digesting enzyme to the area to eliminate the smell. The contaminated area is carefully cleaned and insulation replaced, if necessary. These steps are the dead animal removal process but there may still be live animals in the structure. After the dead animal removal is complete we will provide an estimate for the control of other animals.