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Identifying honeybees

Honeybees are not a native species in America. These useful insects were brought to the United States during colonial times. They are highly sociable and capable of complex communication to relay directions to nearby nectar and pollen sources. The insects construct wax honeycombs to provide a space for growing young and the storage of honey. Colonizing creatures, honeybees are extremely industrious and members of a rigid hierarchical social order.

Bees collect nectar and pollen from flowers, manufacture honey from it and use the honey as a food source during the winter months. Unlike other insect species, honeybees can live for years and do not hibernate in winter. Beehives produce large quantities of sweet honey. Commercial beekeepers in the United States report harvesting an average of nearly 30 pounds of honey per beehive.

Honeybees can become a pest when they swarm and establish colonies in urban and suburban environments. They prefer hollow trees for new colonies but can find their way inside the walls of buildings and in attics. This is when a bee removal service is needed.

Honeybee damage

A colony of honeybees nesting inside a building wall is a problem. The bees chew through walls and their honey attracts other insect pests. The honey absorbs moisture and will ferment if left unattended. This happens when homeowners remove the bees but neglect to remove the hive. Honeybee waste, shed skin and discarded wax attracts other insect pests such as carpenter beetles and moths and may produce a foul odor. A bee control service will need to come in and extract the hive and clean up the mess.

Atlanta honeybee control

In order to provide honeybee removal service the colony living inside a wall must be inspected prior to extraction. The first step is identifying the entry point into the wall so that the entire colony location can be determined. The next step in bee control service is to decide whether the colony should be killed or removed alive for relocation. This bee control service and removal process is time-consuming, labor-intensive and extremely messy. If the bees are to be removed alive and relocated then there may be other risks involved with live bees getting into the home. Urban Wildlife Control provides both options of live bee removal service and extermination for bee control service.

The state of Georgia requires a pest control license in order to provide bee removal service whether its a live extraction or killing the hive. No longer is it legal for a beekeeper to extract the bees and comb. Urban Wildlife Control has provided hundreds of customers Atlanta bee removal services in both situations. If you have a honeybee infestation, please call Urban Wildlife Control today to discuss the best way to eliminate the problem.