December 9, 2014
December 9, 2014
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Numerous as they are today, mice are not native to North America. The small rodents arrived with the first European colonists and since have become a nuisance throughout the country. Mice are nocturnal and their diet consists of a wide variety of vegetation, grains and even garbage. Ranging in sizes from one of the reasons to 3 inches in length, these inexhaustible breeders vary in color from grey white to dark brown. The fact that they breed so prolifically is one reason mice are such a problematic Atlanta nuisance animal.

Why mice are a nuisance

Mice like living in small spaces and can make themselves comfortable inside your walls, in your attic or crawl spaces. One female can produce more than 70 offspring during her 12 month lifespan. This makes them a serious problem for both commercial and residential property owners because they can chew through walls to get at stored dry foods, grains and animal feed. Mice also chew on insulation and electrical wiring which can cause serious problems for Atlanta homeowners.

Mouse Damage

Mouse infestation is not something to be treated lightly. They will damage your insulation and wiring leaving your home at risk to water damage and fire. Along with the damage to your property, mice spread serious diseases and carry parasites that are harmful to humans and pets. Their droppings contain dangerous microorganisms and will contaminate attic insulation and anything stored inside the attic.

Atlanta mouse removal & control

The first step in the Urban Wildlife Control program for mice is trapping to catch as many of the animals as is possible. Habitat modification is also a key component in our mouse removal program. Making your home as inhospitable as possible to mice begins with taking steps to eliminate potential food sources. Success depends on trapping, habitat modification and exclusion to eliminate entry points and prevent re-infestation.