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Ground Mole Removal Atlanta

Ground Mole Removal Service in Atlanta

Moles aren’t always a huge problem. They play a very important role in the ecosystem. They feed primarily on grubs and earthworms, and normally they work to get those populations under control without really impacting human lives at all. You might notice a volcano-shaped mole mound or tunnel from time to time, but little more. In situations like these ground mole removal is not typically desired or needed.

However, when moles start becoming a problem they really become a problem. They can destroy your garden, and make your landscape, grass and sod look like it’s become the victim of some sort of blight. We’re here to help when moles stop acting benign and start becoming a problem. Urban Wildlife Control provides greater Atlanta ground mole removal service when the need arises.

What’s happening when moles turn destructive?

First, let’s talk about the signs that a mole is turning destructive. You might see a mole mound in your brand new sod. You might also see long, snaking lines of raised dirt through a previously perfect lawn—signs of tunnels that are close enough to the surface to start showing up. A well manicured lawn can be destroyed quickly and this is when our customers request ground mole removal.

Sometimes hard rains, or overwatering your lawn, can bring moles closer to the surface where they begin to wreak havoc. This is because the moisture brings the worms closer to the surface. Moles follow their food sources.

As for your plants, they’re not after the plants directly. They’re just eagerly scraping the dirt away from roots so they can get at their favorite foods: grubs and earthworms. Moles are carnivores. Sadly, they’re also making like convenient for another creature called a vole. A vole is an herbivore who is happy to go snacking on plant roots.

Moles won’t spontaneously stop acting destructive once they’ve started. You can’t wait them out. If you want to save your landscaping you’re going to have to take some decisive action. Urban Wildlife Control can assist you with ground mole removal in Atlanta.

What’s the best way to get rid of ground moles?

Most people start by trying to turn to a variety of extremely ineffective DIY methods. Many start with grub insecticides. Those insecticides may well reduce or even eliminate one of the mole’s favorite food, but there will still be plenty of earthworms for him to snack on. Besides, some grubs are beneficial to your lawn.

We’ve also seen homeowners spray down their whole lawns with castor oil in the hopes of making the grubs less tasty to the moles. This doesn’t work. You’re just wasting money and effort. You also can’t shove iron barriers down into the earth, as moles will simply tunnel around them. Urine won’t chase them off, whether it’s a fox’s or a human’s. You can’t get them with moth balls, radios, shotguns, or anything else. These are myths that will simply waste your time and money.

Instead, you have to turn a mole’s nature to your advantage. Moles are very territorial. At most, you have one to three moles per acre doing all of this damage to your yard.

When we come in to help you with your Atlanta mole removal problem we come ready to go through the time-consuming, tedious process of locating all of the active mole run and burrows. We’ll then trap each of the places where the mole likes to live and work. Proper trap placement is very important if you want those traps to be effective, which is why it’s a good idea to take advantage of our training and expertise.

Sooner or later we’ll get your mole for you. Of course this isn’t always an instant result. Mole removal is a process that requires steadfast dedication.

Save your lawn! Call 770-331-4216 or e-mail to schedule your ground mole removal Atlanta appointment today.