December 9, 2014
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December 9, 2014
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Get Pesky Pigeons Out of Your Life

You just had your car washed, but that didn’t stop the pigeons from delivering a bunch of nasty packages to your windshield this morning. There were a bunch of fun little packages on the driveway, too. You scrub away these nasty little sky-gifts only to see them return again, and again, and again.

Are pigeons driving you crazy?

They’re more than a nuisance. Pigeons can actually threaten the value of your property, human health, and animal health. That means if you’ve got a problem at a residential property pigeons are actually threatening your family and pets, and if you’ve got a problem at your commercial property they’re threatening your customers and employees.

No, pigeons are no joke. In fact, they’re actually worse than rats when it comes to threatening the life and health of humans.

Why pigeons are a serious matter

First, as pigeon flocks grow so do your chances of getting pigeon droppings all over cars, sidewalks, entryways, and other portions of your property. These unsightly, smelly droppings are unpleasant to deal with. They smell, they attract insects, and they of course detract from the aesthetic value of whatever they fall upon.

Pigeon droppings also carry some serious diseases. These include:

Encephalitis – An inflammation of the brain that causes severe headaches and seizures. It can be deadly.

Histoplasmosis – This disease causes fever, chills, headaches, and joint aches. It can be particularly dangerous for anyone who has a compromised immune system.

Cryptosporidiosis – This disease causes diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, and stomach cramps. It’s not necessarily life threatening, but it is unpleasant.

Toxoplasmosis – A parasitic infection that can actually change your behavior. It’s been linked to ADHD, OCD, schizophrenia, and suicidal thoughts. In addition, it can be fatal to pregnant women.

If you keep domestic birds, like parrots or budgies, then pigeons can be a threat to them as well. They also carry diseases that spread from bird to bird, such as pigeon ornithosis or pigeon coccidiosis.

Finally, you really don’t want pigeons trying to nest in your gutters, vents, or drain pipes. This can open your property up to serious water damage since it keeps your gutters from working properly. Any nest which blocks a vent can serve as a serious fire hazard as well.

How we help you get rid of your pigeon problem

We understand how pigeons think and act, so we’re able to put together a humane, effective solution. Many property owners turn to a “bait and trap” program when they want to remove urban wildlife, but in the case of pigeons this just isn’t effective. The flock is always bigger than anything any individual trap can do.

The key is to safely and effectively block access to things pigeons want: namely nesting space and perching space. We have plenty of tools for blocking this access without compromising your property in any way. We’ll also help you get rid of any nests which pigeons may have already built on your property.

Did you just hear another tell-tale splatting sound? Call 770-331-4216 or e-mail info@urbanwildlifecontrolga.com to schedule your pigeon removal appointment today.

You don’t have to live with pigeons (or their packages) any longer. Call us today. We’ll send your pigeons packing.