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Raccoon Removal Service


Raccoons are much more common in Atlanta than you might think. These distinctive animals with their black mask and ringtail are extremely intelligent and curious. Their front paws are as dexterous as human hands and keeping them out of human habitation is often difficult. Nocturnal animals, raccoons are omnivorous and can be dangerous.

Warning: If you see a raccoon don’t approach it! Call an animal control professional immediately.


How and why raccoons become a nuisance

Raccoons often raid unsecured garbage cans and steal pet food left outside. They are opportunistic feeders and find your garden, trash or animal feed an easy source for dinner. Here in the southeast, raccoons often find their way into attics and chimney spaces to have babies. They are well adapted to an urban environment and clever enough to take advantage of damaged soffits, roof overhang areas or siding to gain entry into your attic.

Raccoon damage

Raccoons can do serious damage to your property. They can rip off shingles and siding that damages the vapor barrier in your attic allowing water to get in and damage the structure of your home. Inside the attic, raccoons often destroy insulation and chew on electrical wiring. The damage they cause will make your attic less efficient and can cause a house fire. Their droppings pose a health risk to your family because they contain roundworms and harmful microorganisms. A visit from these furry invaders damages your property, threatens your family and takes money out of your pocket from repair costs and higher utility bills. If you think raccoons are inside your home, Call Urban Wildlife Control today for our raccoon removal service.

Atlanta raccoon removal service and control

Urban Wildlife Control is Atlanta’s most trusted raccoon removal service. We will trap and remove raccoons from your home and take steps to keep them out. Our animal control experts will advise you on ways to make your property less raccoon friendly.