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Snake removal Services

Snake identification

There are 41 snake species native to Georgia. Six of them are venomous and can pose a serious danger to humans. All snakes are beneficial because they eat rodents that would otherwise breed uncontrollably and seriously damage agriculture and property.

Call Professionals for snake removal services

There are two varieties of venomous snakes commonly found in Georgia. Pit vipers include rattlesnakes, water moccasins and copperheads. The only member of the cobra family native to Georgia is the coral snake. If you think there is a venomous snake in or around your home, do not approach it. Call a professional snake removal services such as Urban Wildlife Control to handle the animal.

How snakes become a nuisance

Humans instinctively fear snakes. These animals can become a nuisance simply because they’re looking for a place to live and find their food. Snakes in or around your home may indicate that you have a problem with the rodents they like to eat. They follow their prey into homes and commercial buildings and may get inside your home or outbuildings seeking a warm place to hibernate for the winter. This is when a snake removal services provider will receive an “emergency snake removal” call.

Snake damage

Dangerous bites from poisonous snakes can make humans sick or even die. Other than bites, most snake species are harmless to people and property. Snakes can trigger a panic in some people because of a deep rooted fear some have over these serpents weather they are venomous or not. People want a snake removal services to relocate these snakes to a different property.

What attracts snakes to dwellings?

Homes near trees, woodlands and rock piles are very attractive to animals that snakes prey on. They like the cover and warmth these areas offer. Snakes instinctively follow these prey animals onto your property.

Keeping snakes out of your house

It’s best to have a professional snake removal services inspect to discover and eliminate entry points for snakes mice and rats. We can help you create a plan to remove the hiding places and prey animals snakes prefer.

Atlanta snake removal and control services

Never approach a snake if you do not know its species. Contact Urban Wildlife Control or a similar snake removal services to remove the animal and help make your property inhospitable to snakes to prevent future encounters.