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Squirrel Removal Atlanta

Squirrel Removal & Control in Atlanta

The human world is expanding out and taking over wildlife areas. Just as we are expanding into their habitats, animals like squirrels and raccoons are learning how to make themselves at home in our cities and suburbs. Squirrels are especially well adapted to take advantage of homes and commercial buildings for nesting and breeding. They may look cute in the park or on your garden fence but can quickly become pests when they take up space in your Atlanta area home. Squirrels in your attic chew through insulation, damage electrical wiring and the soffits that protect your home from the elements. More than simply a nuisance, squirrel infestation puts your home at risk for fire and serious water damage. When situations like these occur an Atlanta squirrel removal professional can help arrest the situation.

Breeding spaces

The gray squirrels commonly found in Atlanta instinctively look for warm and dry spaces to build their nests. Any small opening or weak spot in your roof, eaves or soffits will provide an easy access point for these small invaders. They are most troublesome when the weather turns cooler in fall and again in spring when it’s time to breed. If you think you have squirrels infesting your home or business, call Urban Wildlife Control for your Atlanta squirrel removal needs.

Squirrels can damage:

  • Roofing
  • Soffits and fascia boards
  • Insulation
  • Electrical wiring
  • Your family’s health

Your attic is a good place to store your possessions. It’s not a place you want filled with squirrel urine, feces and the corpses of dead squirrels. Squirrel droppings and urine put your family’s health at risk for disease and infection. The smell is bad and will also attract more squirrels to infest your home and the need for another Atlanta squirrel removal professional will begin.

Squirrels damaging insulation seriously impacts your home energy efficiency. A squirrel infestation damages blown in or mat insulation so that it no longer provides an efficient barrier against heat loss. As a result, infested homes suffer higher heating and cooling costs and often need expensive insulation replacement.

Get rid of your squirrel problem fast.

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  • Hover to see our squirrel_trap2 Here is a photos of a squirrel gaining interest in our humane roof trap and then being caught in our roof trap, all within fifteen minutes of setting the trap.squirrel trapping in progress.
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