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Wasp identification

Wasps are insects one half to three-quarter inches long. Brown in color, they have orange or yellow markings, a narrow pinched waist and an abdomen equipped with a stinger. These insects build their home by chewing wood and making upside down umbrella shaped paper nests.

Active throughout the warm months of the year, wasps are colony animals like ants, bees and yellow jackets. One female wasp assumes dominance and as queen, is cared for by subordinate females who search for food and care for the larvae. Unlike beehives which can contain thousands of insects, wasp colonies have only a few hundred members. The majority of economy dies with the onset of winter leaving only one fertilized female to begin the colony again in spring. The over wintering clean will look for protected places in roof overhangs, chimneys and attics to spend the winter months.

Wasp damage

Most species of wasp do not pose a threat to human habitation. They are mainly a nuisance but can be dangerous to people with sting allergies. Most people fear wasps because of their staying and hundreds of people die each year from allergic reactions to wasp stings.

Atlanta wasp control and removal

Flying insect aerosols are readily available for dealing with wasps. They must be sprayed directly on the nest to be effective. In many cases wasp nests are too high or in inaccessible places making it difficult for homeowners to apply DIY solutions easily. If this is your situation or you suffer from a sting allergy, contact Urban Wildlife Control wasp and bee removal professionals to safely handle the problem.