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Woodpeckers are a beneficial part of Georgia’s natural environment. In an urban setting, the birds can cause serious damage and become a nuisance to homeowners. Controlling these birds requires early recognition of the damage and quick action to mitigate it. Because woodpeckers are protected by the Federal Migratory Bird act, special care needs to be taken when controlling them. Lethal woodpecker control is complicated and requires permits issued by the government. Urban Wildlife Control uses other, non-lethal methods of woodpecker removal to help stop the birds from damaging your property.

The first step you should take is looking for the insects woodpeckers like to feed on. If your property has carpenter bees or other woodpecker prey, an insect control program to remove woodpecker food sources will be necessary to help solve the problem.

Atlanta woodpecker and nuisance bird control

Urban Wildlife Control will only use trapping and removal on woodpeckers as a last resort. We prefer taking steps to make your property less hospitable to the birds. Scaring or hazing woodpeckers is often successful if started early. This method uses the woodpecker’s natural instinctive response to danger. The birds remember the unpleasant experience and will avoid the area afterwards.

Other exclusion methods include covering surfaces with plastic, hardware cloth or nylon mesh netting. This makes it more difficult for the bird to peck wooden surfaces in search of food. Trapping and removal of the birds will only be considered if all other exclusion methods fail. This may only be done by acquiring a depredation permit from state and federal wildlife agencies.